About Us


At Crossroads Preschool we value the growth of every child, socially, spiritually, intellectually, and creatively. We know that an important part of growth is learning through discipline. When the need arises, Discipline at Crossroads Daycare may include the following:

  • Praying: Praying with the child over the conflict and asking Jesus/God to help in their decision making.
  • Warning: The child receives a verbal explanation of what he is doing that is unacceptable and a warning of a time out.
  • Time-out: The child is placed in a seat away from the other children for a period of up to 1 minute per year of the child. (ie. 3 yr old may be in time out for 3 minutes). The child is then praised for obeying the time out rule.
  • Toy removal: The item of conflict is taken away for a specified period of time.
  • Distraction: The child is distracted from the item of conflict by another item or action that he/she finds acceptable.
  • Writing assignments: (older children) Writing a sentence repeatedly (3-10 times) of what he/she should or should not be doing.
  • Missing a play time: Sitting out a recess and/or fun time.
  • Phone call: Calling the Parent/Guardian to help in guidance with the next step or to pick up the child.
  • Write-Up: A written warning of discipline and a request for a Parent/Guardian conference.