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General Childcare Policies


6:00 AM - 6:00PM

Upon enrollment at Crossroads Preschool, the parent/guardian will list the expected childcare schedule. Parents/guardians understand that daycare teachers are scheduled around the expected hours given. A change in these times may change the rate of the daycare fee. It is imperative to the daycare, the parent/guardian and the child that the consistent hours of business are established so that each party knows what to expect.

Enrollment Schedule a Tour

Drop Off/Pick Up

Children will only be released to those designated on the Authorized to Pick-Up Form and in some cases a Picture ID may still be required. On occasion a phone call can be accepted from the Parent/Guardian with proper credentials.

We love having our parents being involved at preschool. It may be a hardship for the daycare teachers, childcare assistants, or room helpers to visit with a parent/guardian while trying to give quality care to the other children. Crossroads Daycare asks for your cooperation in limiting the length of your stay as you drop of and pick up your children. However, please feel free to inquire about your child’s day or ask any questions you may have pertaining to your child’s care.


Schedule Changes

Changes to a child’s schedule could result in a change in daycare fees. The parent/guardian is responsible for giving the preschool any changes, in writing, the Friday of the week before the changes are taking place. Crossroads Daycare must respond in writing, confirming the change. Texting is NOT considered “in writing.” Adding an occasional day to the part-time child’s week is dependent upon availability and written pre-approval from Crossroads Preschool.

Weather Closings

When Hendricks County calls for Hendricks County Road Emergency when ONLY "emergency personnel" are to be on the roads, the daycare will be closed. When Avon Schools have a 1 hour delay, our daycare will have no change in schedule, but the preschool will start at 10 AM and end at 12 PM. When Avon Schools have a 2 hour delay, our daycare will have no change in schedule, but the preschool will be closed.


After 90 days of childcare, each child is entitled to 3 one-week vacations per calendar year at a reduced rate of half the normal tuition rate. This is provided that Crossroads Daycare receives at least a 2 week advance notice in writing. Texting is NOT considered “in writing.” All vacation days must be taken in the same week.


Crossroads childcare center will observe the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • MLK Jr. Day
  • President's Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Christmas Day

If your child is enrolled full-time or for floating part-time (days differ each week) then all holidays listed above are full pay daycare tuition days. If your child is enrolled regular part-time days (same days each week) then the above listed holidays are paid in full if it is your child’s normal day or childcare.

Holiday and Closure Dates