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Health and Safety


Crossroads Daycare will care for your child while ill ONLY if the illness is minor, such as a cold. If your child becomes ill, begins to run a fever during the day, or if in the sole judgement of the childcare center, is too ill to remain at the daycare, you may be notified and asked to pick up your child. For instance, if the child cannot go through the daily routine, such as meal times. Please pick up your child from the preschool promptly. A sick child needs their own parent and their own bed.

Any child with an unexplained fever, diarrhea, or vomiting much be free of any signs, without medication, for 24 hours before returning to Crossroads Preschool. In some cases the daycare may ask for a doctor’s written consent that the child is not contagious and may return to the child care setting.

Any time a child has a visit to the doctor, it is a good policy to get a dated and signed note stating the purpose of the visit or a copy of the updated immunization record.


If a child is in need of medicine for something minor, such as Tylenol, cough, cold, or allergy, while at daycare, a call or text may be made to the parent/guardian asking for permission to administer to the child. This is a courtesy we at the Crossroads childcare center offer for the convenience of keeping a working parent/guardian from taking a day off of work.

A child may need medication for a continuous runny nose, cough, or drainage of any kind. It is a hardship for the classroom teacher to keep the drainage from the toys and surgaces of the work and play areas. If the daycare teacher feels it necessary, a parent/guardian may be asked to provide a medicine, such as cough and cold, etc. to be left at the daycare for restricted use with their child.

Doctor prescribed medications will be given as directed if:

  • The directions are on the original bottle;
  • With the pharmacy name;
  • With the child’s name, date, and dosage;
  • And name of the prescribing doctor

Over the counter medications will be given on occasion if:

  • The direction and label are on the original bottle;
  • Written parental permission with;
  • Name, date, and dosage and;
  • Written reason for need